Аукцион антиквариата Виолити

Карта двухверстовка квадрат 30-26

Карта двухверстовка скачать бесплатно квадрат 30-26


#4 redactor 28.03.2017 22:03
Дуже просто, як тільки карти будуть викладені нами на порталі, ви зможете завантажити потрібні квадрати двухверстовок.
#3 Денис11111111111111 28.03.2017 21:14
как получить привязку к андрозик квадрат 30-26, 30-25, 31-25, 31-26? (двухверстовки)
#2 redactor 03.03.2015 15:39
We are happy to give to you fruitfull information through our website. In the near future we are going to publish legends for many maps who has our resourse. Please be patient and wait until we do it. Some explanations we send you on your email right now.
#1 Boris Tichy 03.03.2015 14:05
First of all many thanks for publishing the maps' collections! Great work! Is there any list of symbols (legend, map key) for dvuxverstovki? I slso do not know some abbreviations. E.g. "п." or "Кол." or "Фл." or "Г.дв." ... . Will you help where the abbreviations are explained? Thank you.


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